08 March 2016

L'OREAL Extraordinary Oil Curls Product Review

Alright my Natural Curlies you may be in for a treat.  These products were sent to me by Influenster.  I couldn't wait to try them out simply because, the bottle had Curls on it.  After taking my hair down from a protective style, I decided to use L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil Curls product to help revive my own curls.  I thought that this would be the perfect time since, my hair was consider in a more sensitive state.  

Well, if you haven't seen my latest video via YouTube, I have a specific regime that I follow to keep my curls nourish.  However, I bended the rules just a little to make sure these products kept up with it's truth.  I must say I was pretty impressed with these products.  To be honest I really didn't think that the products would have been that good.  But, L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil Curls Shampoo is amazing!  My curls stayed defined throughout the shampoo process and my hair didn't feel stripped.  I always follow up with a conditioner and this conditioner added more moisture to my curls.  Typically I do heat conditioning before shampooing but, I didn't this time so I just used L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil Curls Re-Nourish Mask for extra protection.  My hair stayed soft and it was very easy to detangle with just my fingers.  

L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil Curls Products deserved a big thumbs up!  My Curl Friends please tried these amazing products out.  I couldn't wait to right a review for these products.  I'm just happy to know there are more amazing products out there for us Curly heads and at an affordable price.  Please check out my video here.

FTC:  Sponsor by L'OREAL/Influenster
All reviews/opinions are honest and my own.  I test out all products personally for an accurate review.

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17 February 2016

Skin For Perfect Skin Review

Last year, I'd decided to see an esthetician to help with my discoloration, mainly at the chin area.  But, of course she would treat my entire face and neck to assure that everything will be evenly tone.  As I look back on old videos and pictures, I now realized how great my skin looked after receiving treatments.  Well, as I'd approach the end of last year I'd notice that I'd started slacking on my skin care routine.  And of course the results weren't too pretty.  Eager to get back on track I decided to make the first investment into a good facial brush system.
Spin For Perfect Skin, is a great dupe for other expensive facial system.  This set comes with 4 attachments.  One for calluses, exfoliating, gentle brush, and body.  Since using this system I've seen changes to my face and even some recent blemishes are starting to fade.

I've falling in love with my Skin For Perfect Skin system.  It's like having a mini spa in the comfort of your own home.  It's effective and is easy to clean.  Reordering brush heads is easy as well.  You can order the Skin For Perfect Skin system and reorder brush heads at vanity planet.

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09 November 2015

Nuxe Oil Review

I was invited to the NYC Generation Beauty 2015 Event hosted by Ipsy a little over a month ago.  I was extremely excited to go but, better than that, I was INVITED.  Yippy! I just couldn't missed the opportunity of Michelle Phan and the Ipsy Team inviting me to their event.  

If you haven't been before, it's a event attended for lovers of all things beauty to receive free products from their favorite beauty brands and a chance to network.  How awesome is that!?!  So, I walked away with some pretty good products.  One in mention is this luxury oil made by Nuxe

Yes, it feels very luxurious!  I believe the Nuxe oil is made of 7 different oils that leaves the skin soft and moisturize but, without the greasy feel.  I absolutely love this oil and is one of my faves from the Ipsy event.  The Nuxe oil can also be applied to the hair.  Yep, a head to toe product that smells lovely.  It reminds me of a light floral scent.  Another thing to point out is that you don't have to worry about using too much of this product because, it haves a spray nozzle.  

I also love the packaging it looks like an expensive perfume.  Sometimes, I have to admit that I love great packaging.  I mean what consumer don't...like really!  Well, just from the time of this pic I'm almost done with my Nuxe oil (suddenly gets sad).  But, you can check them out here.  

Here's a quick nudge to the brain, they'll be great Christmas gifts.  On that note stay tune for my Christmas List for Beauty Lovers. Don't forget to check out memories I made at the GenBeauty event here.  Smooches!

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28 September 2015

Crochet Hair Perfect Protective Style For The Fall!

Recently, I went on vacation and decided at the last minute to install crochets in my hair.  For the beginning of the week I'd worn it straight than, decided to perm rod the hair.  While, I was just looking for a protective style for vacation, I found that I regain love for this style again.

I don't know why it took me so long to start back rocking crochets but, I think this will be one of my go to hairstyles for this Fall.  This style is the perfect Fall style because, of its versatility.  You can curl this hair, straighten this hair (on low heat of course), and curl it again.  A messy top knot suits this hair well also.  My daughter love to straighten this hair and I think it looks so cute on her.  It looks authentic and that's what I love about this style.  

What's your go to hairstyle for this Fall? Let me know!
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25 September 2015

Maybelline The Blushing Nudes Palette Great for Fall!

Well, Fall is here and everyone seems so excited. So, of course they're going to be a million posts of pumpkin spice lattes, the latest boot trends, fall decor, halloween decor and of course vampy makeup looks.  I know these things makes people happy and if their hearts are smiling, mines is too. Ok, now that everyone is moving towards the future, I've taken a couple steps back to finally try out Maybelline The Blushing Nudes palette.  I'm all for the dark makeup look but, I love a great nude look.  And what I even love more when I have a palette that can help create a soft smoky eye as well. I think Maybelline The Blushing Nudes palette will offer both.

It took me forever I say to finally try this palette out and I'm glad I did.  You can create different looks with this palette, it just take some creativity.  When I saw the palette I'd known immediately what look I was going to do.  I guess that's the freelancer in me.  The colors are blend-able and are pigmented.  I really love the fact that drugstore companies are offering great quality makeup for an affordable price.  Maybelline The Blushing Nudes palette is great for everyday looks, bridal, and for the minimalist.  The palette can be a dupe for The Naked 3 palette.  Check out my latest makeup tutorial using this palette here.

I plan on doing a few more tutorials using this palette.  I want to try the more cooler colors because, I tend to use more warmer colors for my makeup looks.  Maybelline The Blushing Nudes palette gets a thumbs up for it's affordable price and bendable shadows. You can purchase this palette at your local drugstore.

Tell me:  Do you prefer high end makeup or drugstore makeup?  Leave your comments down below.

Not sponsor.

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17 August 2015

Help! My Hair Won't Curl!

Well, yep it's me!  I miss you all!  Really I do.  I  been very active on the Tube, Youtube that is.  So, come and check out there as well.  I've uploaded a video discussing why one may have trouble of keeping their hair curled or why it won't curl.  I've stated key points to solving this issue and I'll like for you all to view it here.

I will be uploading more videos as such right on YouTube, so subscribe.  Alright, guys I'll be back.  I miss blogging and a lot has happen in the last months, I got to catch you all up on everything.

Ok, blogging friends see you soon!

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01 February 2015

Easy Spicy Blue Cheese Recipe

Sometimes I want to be fancy and spell blue "blu."  Don't mind me it's just one of those days.  Anywho, here's a quick easy recipe for Spicy Blue Cheese dipping sauce to go with them wings for Game day or any party occasion.  You can also use this dipping sauce for a veggie tray.  Alright, let's get to it!


  • Blue Cheese dressing
  • Oregano
  • Ground Cayenne Pepper
  • Thyme
  • Cumin 
  • Pepper
  • Kosher Salt
  • Paparika
  • Chili pepper (a pinch)

In a bowl combine all ingredients listed above and stir.  Let the dipping sauce chill for a few minutes and Ta Da!   Now, you have your very own Spicy Blue Cheese dipping sauce.  I know you are amaze on how easy and quick this recipe took.  I will assure you, your party guests will be asking for more.  Enjoy! (All ingredients were eye measured) What are your favorite party foods?  List them below.

Check out my Party Recipe Ideas that went well with the Spicy Blue Cheese dipping sauce on my Youtube channel.  Click here.

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26 January 2015

6 Trends From 2014 To Carry Into 2015

Carry On... Spring 2015 Trends

The new year have started and some have vow to make a change and then some... well you know the rest.  Accustom to all the New Years resolution stories somethings manage to sneak into 2015.  Here are 6 Trends From 2014 To Carry Into 2015.

The Bun

I don't know should I even call this a trend.  The Bun have manage to stay relevant for years now.  It's the perfect hairstyle for a nightout or one of them laid back chill days.


Denim, blue jeans or whatever you may call it have always been a piece found in many of our wardrobes.  Lately the classic denim piece have been paired on top of itself.  Whether style denim to denim,with skinny jeans or a circular skirt, you can't go wrong with denim.

Tattoo Chokers

Now, who have been guilty of wearing these Tattoo Chokers.  I know I have, they have 90's written all over.  If you been feeling a little edgy, Tattoo Chokers are a great accessory to spice up a edgy look.  Even the Boho Gals can edge up their look.


Sheer have always add that feminine touch to a look.  And I guess it have a need for 2015 trends as well.  As necklines sneaks up the neck, Sheer seems to be a designer choice of fabric for their designs.


I love to see the many style of Headpieces trending nowadays.  From flowers, brass, gold, silver, etc you name it, it's there.  Headpieces are a great choice to finish off an look.


Now, here's my fave.  While a nice heel is great, the trending is comfy.  Many been rocking the Sneakers/Flats and dress combo.  So, toss those heels to the side and grab a nice pair of flats for those chill days.

 Are there any other trends that you feel didn't make the cut?  What are your faves from the list?  List them below.

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